Fawn at Hashawha. Westminster, Maryland

This one of those side-of-the-road shots where I was glad I hadn’t packed up my camera after leaving Hashawha. Shooting from the car has the advantage of resting the lens on the door and obtaining a crystal clear image with no camera shake. This is a heavy crop of the original image and yet it’s still clear.

Fawn. Westminster, Maryland
Fawn at Hashawha. Westminster Maryland

Fawn Crossing

Here is shot taken 7/14/2019 of a fawn crossing a two-lane road just outside of Hashawha Nature Center. I stopped to let the fawn across and took this pic through the windshield. The curvature of the windshield led to the lines on the road looking larger than they actually were. It almost makes the fawn look minature. It was small but not as small as it appears here.

fawn crossing road