Wakefield Valley

Starting to look like spring. Took this pic with the legendary Contax Zeis 35-70mm zoom. Nothing spectacular about this photo but I like the rainbow lens flare. This is a great lens if you don’t mind manual focus and you have a mirrorless camera.

I say mirrorless because the adapters are cheap. I modified this lens to work on Nikon f-mount cameras but now that I’m using the Z6 it would have been easier just to keep the original Contax mount on the lens and buy a cheap $20 Contax-to-Nikon Z adapter. I don’t know of a better full-frame zoom that is this light, inexpensive, and contrasty; even all these years after it was introduced. I had the Contax 28-85mm in the past. Also a great lens but the 35-70 is a lot more compact.